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Lions Club of Serampore Greater

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Club No.: 063975

Chartered on: 08.02.2001

Strength of Members as on 30.09.2005: 34

Sponsored by the Lions Club of: Serampore Town

Whether having Lioness Club:No

Whether having Leo Club: No


Permanent projects :-

  1. Health Insurance Scheme to the poor needy people,
  2. Permanent Eye Care Centre & Cataract Operation,
  3. Text Book Library to the Students,
  4. Polyclinical facilities to the rural people,
  5. Pilot Project of Surface water supply after treatment to the arsenic affected people of North 24 parganas.
  6. Carey Academy for Fine Arts Centre, Yoga Centre and Spoken English Teaching Centre And Computor Trainning Centre for all groups of people.
  7. Pay & Use Urinals for the common people

Signature Project – General Health Check Up and Blood Group Determination. Up to September 05. Total Health Check 3767 Total Blood Grouping-367

Quality Lion Leader


Leaders have no common trait or characteristic

All Leaders are Course Changers and pathfinders.

A Lions Leader understands the needs of others and seeks to meet those needs.

A Lion Leader sets realistic goals and motivates fellow Lions to reach them.

A Lion Leader is willing to try innovative solutions to problems.

A Lion Leader does not hesitate to seek assistance.

A Lion Leader knows what he or she wants to do, how it is o be done and who is going to do it.

A Lion Leader delegates before the workload becomes too heavy.

A Lion Leader manages time effectively and is two months ahead all year long.

A Lion Leader reconciles frustration, confusion and uncertainty.

A Lion Leader knows the value of a compromise and does not want any winners and losers

A Lion Leader has regard for comfort, status and individual contributions.

A Lion Leader is the fist to reach out.

A Lion Leader clearly communicates procedures in areas of responsibility.

A Lion Leader makes sure accomplishments are brought to the attention of the community.

A Lion Leader does everything in his or her power to keep the support and respect of the community.

A Lion Leader brings out the best in everyone.

A Lion Leader acts with courtesy and diplomacy and uses tact to disarm opponents.

A Lion Leader brings into harmony all the varied interests of a group.

When the work of the Lion Leader is done, fellow Lions can say. We did it ourselves.


A Lion leader can accomplish the mission given to him or her while keeping together his or her team of fellow Lions. He is able to do this because he can.

  • Unleash the motivation already inside each Lion by property matching "the right Lion for the right job."
  • Give an effective presentation.
  • Use the right leadership style for the situation at hand.
  • Motivate a group of Lions so it works effectively and harmoniously.
  • Solve problems through group discussion.
  • Resolve conflicts between two or more Lions.
  • Lead productive group discussions.
  • Conduct meetings for large groups of Lions.
  • Build his Lions into a team that has both efficiency and fellowship.
  • Set goals, establish priorities, make a formal plan, and wisely manage his time.
  • Lead and manage service projects and fund-raising events.

Certificate of Excellence

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